Electric Lunchbox #22: Pineapple Upside Down Cake

The idea to make this recipe came about when the admin of a Facebook group I’m in requested for a Pineapple Cake, after I posted a regular recipe for a Chocolate Cake. I initially made a recipe for a Chocolate cake using mayonnaise but got asked for a recipe with out mayo. Gladly obliged to that request because I mean, Chocolate Cake! And developing recipes means taste testing until I get the recipe right.

So Pineapple Upside down cake….this took me a few tries to get it to a point that I can actually be proud to share the recipe. I am happy with this lightly spiced cake as it complements the sweet pineapple topping perfectly.

Please try it and let me know how it was!

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*NOTE that this recipe uses regular sized measuring cups, NOT the tiny Itaki cup, unless specified.*

2 tablespoons melted butter

2 tablespoons brown sugar

2 pineapple slices, from a can

2 maraschino cherries, stems removed


1/3 cup flour

3 tablespoons sugar

1/2 teaspoon baking powder

Dash of nutmeg

Pinch of salt

1/4 cup whole milk

1/2 teaspoon vanilla paste

Spray the big bottom bowl of the Itaki with a cooking spray. *You can also use the medium Itaki Jumbo bowl for this recipe.*

Place 1 tablespoon of the melted butter in the bowl. Swirl the butter around and add the brown sugar. Top with the pineapple slices, squeezing them to fit. Place a cherry in the middle of each pineapple slice. Set bowl aside.

In a small mixing bowl, mix together all cake ingredients and the remaining 1 tablespoon butter just until mixed. Pour over the pineapple slices and cover the bowl with foil.

Place in the Itaki base. Add 3 Itaki cups of water to the base. cover and steam until it shuts off, around 50 minutes. Carefully remove the bowl from the Itaki base and let cool on a wire rack. Run a knife along the side of the cake. Invert onto a serving plate. Serve warm or chilled.

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