Hello! My name is Theresa and welcome to my blog!

This is where I will be sharing both my old time recipes and my newfound favorites. Sort of like a diary of things I like to make. I am not a professional in the food world, only a busy working mom who is a very enthusiastic cook/baker like most of you.

I believe that food connects people on a deeper level. When I was growing up, we almost always had at least 2 meals together as a family. It’s a simple way to remain up to date with each other’s day while enjoying a moment feasting together. Even in today’s very busy world, I still try to enforce this with my own family. To me, memories and food are strongly interrelated. Just like how music evokes certain memories, some food makes us remember something in the past.

I enjoy cooking and baking but I also love traveling, hiking, and making things. So in here, I will share not only recipes, but travel snippets, hiking routes, and photos and videos that I’ve snapped along the way too.

Come join me as I show you all these things that I love doing and making. Here’s to hoping you’ll learn and find something you’ll love too!

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Ragged Point Cafe, California