Ramakrishna Monastery

Walkway to the Buddha
Buddha and koi pond


After leaving the Trabuco General Store, we went back past Oneill park, driving towards Ramakrishna Monastery.

My mission: get some locally produced honey as I read that it helps with allergies. Cannot get any more local than this place!

Driving away from Oneill, the monastery is going to be on your left. The little bridge upon entering the gate gives way to a narrow winding (with a couple of blind spot area) road, where there were signs to honk as you won’t see oncoming vehicles. You’ll catch a glimpse of the bee hives before entering another gate. At the end of the road lies the parking area. Then the exploration begins!!

The monastery sits atop 40 acres of largely undeveloped rolling hills. The grounds of the monastery include a shrine, a shrine trail honoring the world’s major religions, and a bookstore.

We walked the trail a little, however some parts were closed due to the recent rains. The views all around were just so beautiful! I could just sit here and let the day go by. 

We checked out the bookstore before leaving and I got a couple of jars of the honey and a jar of bee pollen. The cashier was very nice, explaining that bee pollen can be bad for those with flower allergy so he wanted to make sure I was aware of that, as I mentioned I got the honey hoping it will help with allergies.

Gorgeous views all over!
So peaceful!

Pay them a visit to see how serene and beautiful this place is!

Address: 19961 Live Oak Canyon Rd, Trabuco Canyon, CA 92679

Phone: (949) 858-0342

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