Las Vegas – Bellagio Christmas Decor 2019 🎄

Missing our travels, but stayed in last year due to COVID-19. Sharing some photos of Bellagio Las Vegas’ Christmas decor 2019.

We went right after Christmas but left on the 31st….yes, got stuck when they closed the 15 due to snow storms! Our usual 4 hour drive to Las Vegas took us almost 11 hours that day! We passed through Palm Springs, Indio, and lots of places we never had been to before.

There was an actual snow storm as we were driving through the desert. Yes I thought it was dangerous but it was also quite magical.

Good thing we chose to go around than through the mountains as we do not have chains.

A memorable time, even though our butts hurt when we finally got to the hotel. 😊

We finally made it!

I hope you enjoy the photos!

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