Dash Donut Maker

Donuts…doughnuts…whatever the spelling is, this a treat we adore in my home. So when I saw that Dash made a little donut maker, I had to have it. I did look at donut baking trays that go in the oven and put those in my Amazon cart for forever but never really purchased them. This makes mini donuts and does not need me to turn the oven on! For $20, take my money!

I figure this will be a fun day experiment with my son as he can make it himself with me supervising. No hot oven to worry about, and I can help him flip the donuts after one minute as suggested in the recipe booklet.

This makes cake donuts, I haven’t tried yeasted donuts but figure it’ll be difficult to get the exact size to fit these molds, specially when taking into consideration the fact that yeast donut proves.

We made the vanilla donut recipe from the included recipe and went crazy with frostings, sprinkles, and other decorations.

The recipe is easy to make and bake but I think their time is a little off. If I wait as long as their recommended time, my donuts are hard, not soft like they should be. So we cut the time by half. As soon as it’s set, we flip it over. Let it cook about 30 seconds or so more, until just lightly browned.

It was a fun afternoon activity that gave us delicious sweet donuts in the end. They look really nice too as they are minis but that is my excuse to eat more! 😊

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