Itaki Jumbo

If you require more food than the Itaki pro can prepare, get the Itaki Jumbo! This is basically an Itaki pro limousine! You get an additional tier with a medium sized “Goldilocks” bowl (not as big as the bottom bowl, not as small as the upper bowl) with a separate cover. You can use it as it is or remove the second tier and use it like the Itaki Pro. Versatile!

My Itaki Jumbo was packaged in an Itaki Pro box with the flaps left open to accommodate the taller lunchbox and that box was placed inside a plain brown box. No complaints as it was for me and it was adequately protected during shipping.

*My recent orders for Itaki jumbo that arrived August 2020 came in their own custom boxes wrapped in the black/gray plastic for shipping. They are no longer packaged in the smaller Itaki pro box, with flaps open. However, they are no longer double boxed like before because of this and every single box was slightly damaged in transit.*

Above is a photo of everything that came in the box: the Itaki Jumbo(base, second tier, and cover), 3 different sized bowls, 2 covers, Itaki measuring cup, egg holder, power cord, carry bag, instruction booklet, and a pair of chopsticks.

The bowls are all different sizes. The big bottom bowl and the little one nesting on top of that remains the same. They also come with their cover for transporting or storing the bowls.

The new addition is a medium sized bowl that goes on the second level. It has it’s own cover too, making it convenient to prep your food in advance and keep them in the refrigerator until ready.

The second tier has a built in egg holder for steaming. Perfect for when you need to steam a dozen eggs for making deviled eggs!

The carry bag has just enough space for the whole lunchbox, and the cord. The bag comes with beautiful patterns too!

Just like the Itaki Pro, it shuts off by itself when the water added to the base is gone, so it basically takes care of cooking your food without needing much attention.

So if you want more than 1 serving, or a dessert while you’re cooking your lunch, this is a good option. With this, you can scale down or up as needed, making meals for 1-3 persons.

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