**UPDATE: 11/2019 – I am no longer affiliated with Thermomix. However, that does not change my opinion of this truly helpful kitchen gadget! I hope you will be able to see and try this even just to make a 2 minute dough or a 5 second lemonade. ***

Hello there!

I realized just now that I have multiple recipes that are posted (and will be posted!) that is made using a Thermomix because I love having this kitchen helper around. It makes everything easier!

Thermomix TM5

You might be thinking “Thermowhat?”

I understand that most people here in the US are not familiar with the Thermomix yet, but a lot of people from Europe, UK, and Australia know and love their Thermomix/Bimby. The US is just recently getting to know this little magical device.

I first saw the Thermomix while browsing William Sonoma’s website. I wanted it then but the price made me think twice. I mean, a Vitamix is around $600, a Kitchenaid food processor is about $600, a really good juicer is at about $600, but the Thermomix is $1,449.

I kind of forgotten about it when one winter day, at soccer practice, one of the moms (she’s from France) mentioned she has an appliance that cooks and blends so they have soup ready for dinner when they get home. I remembered the Beaba – baby food maker that I used when my son was a baby – is made in France but that makes small amounts of food. I asked her what it was and she described it but doesn’t remember what it was called.

As soon as I got home I started searching what it was as I vaguely remember the Thermomix. I found the site, and hit PLACE ORDER For a TM5 before I realized it.

And the rest is good eats and happiness in the kitchen! Bread kneaded in 2 minutes! Lemonade done in 5 seconds! Oatmeal prepared by my 10 year old, bolognese sauce, soups, smoothies, chicken tinga, and a million other recipes that you just follow on screen. It tells you step by step, weighs the ingredients, and even cooks at just the right temperature.

I joined as a Thermomix consultant late last year and have been doing a few Cooking Experience demonstrations to rise awareness for this product. It is a fun 120 minute demo of preparing and cooking food with the Thermomix. You will see what it can do and play with the machine itself to familiarize yourself with the many functions.

The TM6 was announced earlier this year to be released this summer. It has a few more functions than the TM5: bigger screen, integrated Cookidoo, better precision in weighing, and improved accessories. It is available for preorder, however shipping is not until August 2019. In the mean time, it is a great time to get the TM5 if you do not have use for sous vide and selected frying options, as it comes with good bundles and it is $50 less.

Free shipping is offered for limited time for both TM5 and TM6

Try booking a demo, it’s totally free and no pressure to buy, just to see how much help the Thermomix will be in the kitchen! Bonus is you’ll have lunch or dinner ready after the demo!

The just released Thermomix TM6 is available for preorder.

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